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These Are The Benefits Of Quinoa

Short and sweet. And very natural indeed. These are the benefits of quinoa. But what is quinoa exactly? And where did it originate from? While this natural food source is, quite literally, as old as the hills along which it was first harvested, not much is known, if anything at all, to modern, mainly Westernized readers on what quinoa does, what its inherent healthy advantages are and, importantly, where it comes from.

So then, this short note goes through these very briefly. For the benefit of all readers who wish to make a positive difference to their eating habits and lifestyle outcomes in, of course, the most healthy and natural ways possible. Quinoa is an indigenous grain based and plant based food to large parts of the South American continent. While it can and is being harvested in other pockets of the world, most countries’ climates are not conducive to effective crop cultivation.

benefits of quinoa

Where awareness of this natural food has, let’s just say, been cultivated, market demand has seen exponential growth in the last few years, thus providing an important source of income to South American locals more than familiar with the crop. It has been in existence and used by South America’s indigenous population groups for thousands of years. But while the ancient Incas dubbed this food as the mother of all foods and enlightened nutritionists have collectively barbed about it being a super food for the twenty first century, the Spanish colonialists spitefully banned locals from producing these crops.

Ignorance and greed was at fault here. But there is no fault to the healthy-spirited mind that chooses to include this ingredient in its own traditional culinary processes. One significant feature of quinoa is that it is a gluten free food source, serving as a natural and healthier alternative to many other grain based food groups such as wheat, rice and pasta. The demand for gluten free products has also grown exponentially as greater awareness of the celiac disease and all its unpleasant symptoms has been created.

You do not need to be a victim of the celiac disease to benefit from quinoa. You can include it in your meal preparations to boost your recommended daily protein and fiber content. Quinoa is also a great boost for culinary enthusiasts because of the grain food’s unique and rather tasty nutty flavor.